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The success

Our success is based on our unique products in combination with an innovative marketing concept. After the mobile phone and internet there is a new economic trend: WELLBEING. It is hard to imagine television without programs about health and lifestyle. We read about it daily in the media, gyms turn in to Wellness centres and every supermarket offers a complete department filled with supplements and health products.

Our health is our most precious possession. Health is everything. Without health all is nothing! Wellbeing, as in being able to enjoy life in good health and vitality, is everybody's wish! Reality is different. Looking at the latest statistics concerning health issues, we find a lot a people struggling with different kinds of health problems: fatigue, high blood pressure, gastro-intestinal disorders, headache, joint problems, apathy, allergies, obesity etc. Besides all this we also still see a large increase in patients suffering from diseases such as diabetes, cardio vascular disease and certain types of cancer.

Much research shows a major relationship between our health problems and our nutrition and dietary habits in combination with our lifestyle. Future healthcare will therefore me more focused on prevention. Good health starts with healthy nutrition. This is where our success is based on, since our product line matches these demands perfectly!

Times change! This also goes for the way products are introduced to consumers. For many decades retail trade (stores) was the only way of distribution. In our current society though, we find a few completely new and very successful ways of distributing. The Lifestyleplan™ is based on the latest developments, trends and possibilities that our modern society offers. Internet and networking currently offer unlimited entrepreneural possiblities.